Updated 13 March 2014   .

News & Updates

  • Cortex @ SIGGRAPH
    The Cortex open source VFX project will be having a Birds of a Feather meeting at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver, 2pm Monday, August 8, 2011
    Come along and see some of the awesome stuff that people have been coming up with using the toolkit to accelerate their development, ask questions, and hang out with all the cool kids.

  • Sucker Punch Interview on fxguide.com
    There's an interview with Andy Brown and I up on fxguide.com about our work on Sucker Punch.

  • Oz Film Incentives
    The incentives for film production and post-production in Australia have just been overhauled in a very positive way for the local industry. Variety article

  • VFX Town Hall Discussion #1
    It's great to see the discussion starting on where the VFX business is heading. Most people seem to get that the recent push for more+quicker+cheaper can't keep continuing, and it's awesome to see people from both sides of the fence involved in this panel - particular respect to Chris de Faria for being part of this. You can listen here at fxguide.com

  • Variety Articles on VFX
    There are a couple of interesting articles at Variety at the moment. One is on the expanding influence of VFX Supervisors in film production, and another on the increasing crunch felt by VFX houses, due to rapidly rising demands and shrinking timeframes. Great to see such spot on coverage of VFX issues in a general film/entertainment magazine.


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